Who'd be a graphic designer?

Rio 2016 Olympic Logo gets plagiarism treatment.

Who'd be a graphic designer?

Rio 2016 Logo Unveiled

Rio proudly unveiled their Logo for the 2016 Olympic Games on New Years Eve. Almost instantly, questions have been raised over the originality of the logo and some accusations of plagiarism have been levied at the designers.

Telluride Foundation

http://www.telluridefoundation.org/The Telluride Foundation have a very similar logo. Their logo depicts multi-coloured people shapes embraced in a circular free flowing motion. Compare the two logos for yourself.

There is no question that the two Logos are similar, but does that point to any plagiarism on the part of the designers? For a project that would clearly get global attention, would a design agency really expose themselves to that kind of accusation knowingly? I think not.

The director of the Brazilian agency that created the logo said he had never seen the foundation's version. Fred Gelli told the GloboEsporte.com website the agency did extensive research to guarantee the design was unique.

"For some reason, we missed that one," Gelli said.

The Dance by Henri Matisse

The Dance by Henri Matisse There has also been some question if the design derived from the original painting by Henri Matisse. Again the similarities are obvious. Around since 1910, it's been around for a while!

Can we truely be original?

In years gone by, there where surely hundreds of companies with the same names, logos, brands etc; existing all over the world without much concern for one another. If I named my corner shop the Rolls Royce Sandwiches, I didn't have to worry about Rolls Royce coming after me. (thanks to Ask for that anecdote)

Similarly, as discussed on Logo Design Love, if You can think of it, surely someone else has.

The Problem

With the age of the internet, and everyone having an opinion... it lends itself to controversy where none exists. Without this free flowing media outlet, we would be none the wiser. Nowadays, every design logo, font, graphic.... gets people questioning its originality

But here's the other thing....

Precisely BECAUSE of the internet that designers are coming up with similar designs without any knowledge of each others work. Because of the amount of information we are consuming every day, be it on bus shelters, lorries, leaflets, TV, the internet, Youtube etc.... we are subconsciously being subjected to the same, if not similar, influences. And let's face it, our design abilities are driven by our environment as well as our imagination.

What do you think?

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